73rd death Anniversary of Allama M. Iqbal, (Poet of the East)

Today we are all witnessing the 73rd death Anniversary of Our great poet and the first man to dream Pakistan Doctor Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The message of Iqbal is a way of prosperity for any nation but unfortunately the path we followed after the establishment of Pakistan is against the theory of Iqbal. The last 9 years of dictatorship is the proof of our non Iqbal thinking. In such situation how we can justify with the thought of "Khudi" into our nation's common practice? The problems and situation of so called civilization in the 21st century is opening the doors towards the enlightened message of the great Thinker who always wanted the youth not to draw a line between religion and civilization, He always taught us that our youth has the power and strength  to bright the whole nation's future, They have the power of their beautiful religion which has opened the larger than life path for success and prosperity for them. He always insisted that the youth is the backbone of any country's prosperity. The educated, Well developed, Self respected, Courage s, Enthusiastic youth who moves with the light of Quranic teachings.

In every poem of Iqbal there is a message of Positive thinking, Motivation, Mutual understandings and Khudi that is Self confidence. It is still not too late if  we start to follow his teachings as a nation rather just making tributes and speech competitions on his name. We have to implement his teachings in the whole system and we would be a different nation after some time.


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