Murree: "The Queen of Mountains" through my lens in 100 Photos

Murree! The shining pearl of Pakistan. It is not only a hill station but a tourist paradise.
The beautiful sceneries of Murree attracts the attention of tourist from all over Pakistan as well as the foreigners. today i am going to share some amazing glimpses of Muree Malika-e-kohsaar for you to see and enjoy. This paradise is a true example of natural beauty. The mind and soul refreshes when you see the green beauty covered with clouds all around you.
Let us unfold the scenic beauty of the queen of mountains. You'll feel so calm and relax while visiting this amazing place in 100 photos. The clouds, The lush green grass, The beautiful rain drops, The colourful flowers, the scenic beauty and happy faces will surely give you strength and happiness.
Enjoy the a quick Pictorial  as some photos will surely make you say.......Wow :-)
This is not as it is right now 
A beautiful danger turn Be careful!

Isn't it so Romantic?

 where is the road
Heaven on Earth
Clouds all around

Towers to…