Murree: "The Queen of Mountains" through my lens in 100 Photos

Murree! The shining pearl of Pakistan. It is not only a hill station but a tourist paradise.

The beautiful sceneries of Murree attracts the attention of tourist from all over Pakistan as well as the foreigners. today i am going to share some amazing glimpses of Muree Malika-e-kohsaar for you to see and enjoy. This paradise is a true example of natural beauty. The mind and soul refreshes when you see the green beauty covered with clouds all around you.

Let us unfold the scenic beauty of the queen of mountains. You'll feel so calm and relax while visiting this amazing place in 100 photos. The clouds, The lush green grass, The beautiful rain drops, The colourful flowers, the scenic beauty and happy faces will surely give you strength and happiness.

Enjoy the a quick Pictorial  as some photos will surely make you say.......Wow :-)

Here we GO!
And the rain starts at Murree toll Plazaa.
Turn Right and Keep straight even for Murree too!
Move on
The beautiful bird's eye view
This is not as it is right now 

A beautiful danger turn Be careful!

Isn't it so Romantic?

 where is the road

Heaven on Earth

Clouds all around

Towers touching sky Clouds touching Ground

Road side view

oh my God I wanna be there forever

The Giant creature Talking to the sky

Alone but Happy
Isn't it worth seeing?

Danger cut again

Together we stand

Mystic view of Hills

Mountains covered with wall of clouds

Move move move ahead for more beauty

Now Where to go?

The beautiful Mosque Sirat-ul-jannah

another view

The tasty Egg Pakoras a special treat for all those who visit Muree

The waterfall with all its might

The roaring water

Here I am .. :-)

Stop Stop... Time to take some good photos over here

Bikers enjoying Bhutta/Challi (Corn) & getting ready for the ride

Yumm tasty hot Corns in rainy weather

Amazing Art work.. Flower Fan for kids (Automatic :))

moving towards Old Murree market

Chapli kababs The most tasty Food of Pakistan ( For me ;-) )

Attn : Ladies ;-)

The amazing market at Murree

Pakistani culture all around

Hand made wall pieces

Cultural Jewellery boxes

The Favourite spot of all shopping lovers!

Best stuff for manchalay Party :-)

hohoho Guess Who? hahaha!

Find your name :-)

Oh I found mine 

what do you want kids??? 

I love Dry fruits. Do you?

Colourful Pakistani Shawls

Sea shell Key-chains with your name in Urdu

Road side stall of different kind of accessories

Traditional hand made bags and other stuff  for Tourist

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Now We are entering in Murree Cantt (The Mall)

Jinnah Road, formerly known as The Mall and still commonly referred to as.

18th century church in Murree, Mall Road,

Mall road

what do you think is this?

Manual Cart for kids and aged tourists who want to enjoy but do not want to walk much :-)

General Post Office (GPO) Mall Road

Another Giant friend of mine :-)

Rainy nala

Men at your service

Hiran (Deer) Gate Wildlife Park

Going towards Lawrence College Ghora Gali Murree

Here we are

The dream of so many

Am I in heaven?

Cool and Calm, Mind blowing Silent Place ... Recommended for Poets :-)

Road Side Buildings covered in Fog

Unique Umbrella shop

Beauty is all around in different shapes

Nature is amazing

Fresh Coconuts for sale

So why not have one ;-)

Cute bald Coconut

Moving back Journey starts

Green is Great

Sun and Rain competing with each other

More rain about to come

Living on the Edge

Minaret touching the clouds

The amazing traditional hand made accessories 

Road side river

Moving back to Islamabad after a chilaxing Journey

Oh no! Not the Traffic Jam.. :P

THANKS for Stopping by! hope you like it. :-) 

Photography by Farrukh Siddiqui


Judy (LUKIKA) said…
Excellent post Farrukh! You captured the essence of Muree beautifully. Your narrative under each photo was brilliant. It gave the viewer the feeling they were on the journey too. Great variety of photos and the ones with the mountain and clouds are especially captivating. I look forward to more post and photos in the future. Judy (LUKIKA)

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