Play for Peace - “Swat Sport Gala” 2012

Its was the eve 22nd June 2012, I received a telephone, asking me whether I’m available to see some gental man in Islamabad, The voice was soft and humble. I said “yes I have” but kindly let me know who is there on the other side. I received just one sentence “Kalam summer festival 2012” It was decided to table the things next day.

This was the entry of myself, my team and my company to a vision, dream for the road to success regarding Kalam summer Festival 2012 held at Ushu forest Kamal and Mahudand Lake. A lot of classical events were being arranged and proved the star height success and tourist like look. It is learned that the hotels at Kalam were packed, house full and at sold out status . It is our proud privilege that me and my team were played a very important role and shared this successful event with the best of our expertise and by the grace of God I feel proud being the opening window for the project from Islamabad. In the result we were being knocked to share and provide our expertise once again for Swat Sports Gala 2012.

It is a pleasure for me being  the lover to this sweet home land, Sohni Dharti which is “Islamic Republic of Pakistan,”  I’m proud of to be the share holder, worker to get myself on board to step in for the ultimate success of Swat Sports Gala 2012. Visit the oasis, white snowing lagoon of Pakistan Swat during this sports gala in October, you will be the part of this galaxy of sports. If any of you are interested to share in. We are looking for the sponsors to share this noble cause. Feel free to contact say with me Swat tujhay Salam.  Bravo! Pakistan Army

Ready, Get  Set and Go.

A ride to heavens... 

Swat the Switzerland of Pakistan is slowly but steadily inching towards peace and tranquillity for which once this picturesque valley was famous for. The terrorism torn region suffered the worst brutalities on the hands of Taliban. The military operations conducted, have though eliminated the miscreant footprint from the area; however the shadows of the heinous crimes against the humanity still exists in the minds of commoners of the area. Efforts are being made through various events / activities organised by different governmental as well as non-governmental organisations to achieve stable and peaceful environment in Swat. The successful conduct of Spirit of  Swat – 2011, Kalam Festival- 2012 and Swat Snow Festival – 2012 are indicative of the return of normalcy in the region and the resolve of its people to ensure peace in their area. All the organs of government and civil society are striving for revival of the old tourism attraction of the area. To this Pakistan Army planned to organize “Swat Sport Gala” in April-May 2012 with the aim to revive the sports culture, tourism and pursue uplift of Swat image. A number of sports activities including individual and team events were conducted/organized as part of the said gala. The event was organized with joint efforts of civil / army establishment working hand in glove in Malakand Division. The event overall attracted unprecedented response both by the local populace as well the tourists. In sequel to the successful conduct of the district and Division level sports events decision was made to conduct national level matches of selected games in Malakand Division. The aim on one hand was to make an earnest endeavour to project peaceful image of swat where in national players will play with the local players on local grounds and on the other hand make it an enthralling and mesmerizing activity acting as a magnet for tourists both local and foreigners.  The event will be held on local grounds of Malakand Division. 

Cricket، Football، Volley ball will be conducted in October 2012:- The planned Gala is expected to boost the tourism in the area and attract the local community to healthy activity of sports; thus the entire population of Malakand Division specially the  youth & people of core Swat region are expected to benefit from the entire series of activities. Local Law Enforcement Agencies in coordination with army will provide security during the event to players and guests. Human Resource Management and civil society، Media Coverage، Coordination has already been done with the National  / International Media Houses to ensure ample media coverage of the event. 


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