Pakistan vs India : All the best Pakistan #cwc2011

Thanks to the information technology and latest methodology, the ancient sports were gone with the wind and now the entire global nations are entered in a new sports World.

Soccer, Tennis, Squash, Hockey are the new phenomenal sports and over and above The Cricket, when introduced, was being called as a "game of gentle man" normally played in Europe, specially in England, New Zealand and Australia, later on spread in Asia and now a days it become the dream of the world.

Step in my time machine fasten your belts… Kindly see the window at your left, it is jam pack stadium, Can you catch it? It is Mohali, the venue for the big game, 2nd Semi-Final, "The Master Blaster Match" in the history of cricket specially for Pakistan and India the neighboring countries. Since the QFs there is a pin drop silence and every body is waiting for the date which is the 30th March, The May Day! "Kon banayega 30 (tees) March Khan". The people living in this part of the world could hardly breathe & every body is waiting for the Big Match. In my opinion it is not the War of lords, it is a test in between the teams of Asian Cricketing giants. Keeping in view the expertise of Pakistani boys, they have already proved in the previous matches, slow starters but the constant path finders, the critics and pen holders are indicating that although Pakistan is not hot favorite even then they are moving confidently & steadily towards the target. Recently they outclassed the west Indies in every department of game, If we look at a glance on the combination of the Semi Final team I will very strongly second the views of the voices coming from all along the corners that the strong Golden hand of Shoaib Akhter should be taken as he can still manage to shake the confidence of opposition, while coming to the crease from the run-up start Can demoralize the one being the fastest one of the Cricketing world. On the other hand if he can carry at least half of the spell with the 99.99% fitness, he may be a result oriented & it would be a respectable farewell to him, A hero should be left as a hero.

Keeping in view the stories heard about Mohali's wicket which may favor the speed thus the Pakistani fast bowlers may create some thing with a difference and this opinion of mine is also recommended when we read and heard that the grass from the Mohali wicket has very strangely disappeared and gone when it was kept under observation and checked on 29th March, This become an echo and changed into the talk of the town and the most reputed press persons, sports men and media people were pointed out this very particular mishap, A mellafied activity to escape from the attack of Pakistani fast bowling. The fast bowling department of Pakistan  say e.g Umar Gul, Shoaib Akhter and others can create a history to be supported by the battery of the spinners. So far so the spinners are concern the experts & the responsible persons available at the venue may take the better decisions looking into the mood of the wicket. The another very important factor is to select the straight bat boys, The battery of batsmen up to the middle order should carry fifty overs. It is also advisable to Capt. Shahid Afridi with the renouncy of Boom Boom, not to play Floppy & If he dares to carry himself better to convert his number after Razzaq so that he might become the Iron wall before the entry of  tail enders. It is very fortunate that the bowlers of the team Pakistan are also responding the white ball with the score able hammers.       

The cricket craze is increasing like the thick cloud's umbrella on the skies of  India and Pakistan and while sitting infront of the television monitoring the First Semi Final when ever I used to change the channel in between the commercials  I am witnessing the Pakistani people are leaving for Mohali from the WaGha Border  youngsters, Families, Politicians, Journalists, senior citizens and rest of the every body are crossing the borders to touch Mohali to back up their Pakistani Team. The roads of Pakistan, The trains of Pakistan , The planes of Pakistan are going to be a discussion table every where Cricket and Pakistan, Pakistan and Cricket , Shahid Afridi, Younas Khan, Mohali stadium , We will Win , Pakistan must have to win ,and a lot of encouraging sentences and sentiments are warming up going to a gradual high temperature. The World Cup green t-shirts, The cakes are being baked, The flags, The buntings, The Caps, The bats are dancing every where, The vehicles, The cars, The buses, The bikes are being decorated in every nook and corner of the country, sweet home land Pakistan and Every where, Every body is doing nothing but Shouting Afridi you have to win, Team Pakistan will win the World cup, Get India out of the tournament, Throw them off, Bounce them out & a lot. Are being continuously and repeatedly becoming an echo from Kimari to Karakoram.

This very particular and no doubt the biggest game of the Cricket, The semi final of The World Cup 2011 is become a volcanic reactionary event due to the legendary rivals are standing face to face. If we look into the commerce of this sub continent a boom is felt in the Economical progress. Tickets, Stickers, Pamphlets, Banners, Commercials, Advertisements whether desktop or electronic media are floating every where. The Pakistan Radio and Television are high lighting the incoming Semi Final as a visit to winning imaginations. The hope, The confidence and the passion reflecting that the team Pakistan will not give up under any circumstances, The body language are completely reflecting the honor and the Victory, The dawn of the 30th March will come with a Hope and there will be a greatest evening when the Pakistani Flag will shake hand the air as a proud headed. 
 ≛≛≛ Best of  Luck team Pakistan ≛≛≛


Aliza Ali said…
نَصْرٌ مِن الله و فَتْحٌ قَرِيب
#cwc2011 #Pakistan
Anonymous said…
Inshauallah Allah nay chhaato Pakistan but its just a game the only importance is that Pakistna is trying realy hard after a long time and playing really well so Kiddos to them win or lose .
Sadia Ali said…
Inshallah Pakistan jitega ! Pakistan Zindabad !
Shahab sarwar said…
Jitega bhai jitega Pakistan jitega
Sameer said…
Mashallah awesome bro

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