Well, it’s Pakistan Day after all. We all should be glad that this day happened.

I think about the significance of this day, and the meaning it carries in our lives. Come on, for the most of my life it has been just another holiday – more so when I landed at university. This day is one of those holidays that the whole country observes.

This day is like a minor version of August 14. There are no jhandian, no flags fluttering on roof tops, no badges, stickers, paper caps, valiant men etc. Bus there is that parade at Constitution Avenue, Islamabad, in the morning that makes it sound something worthwhile; and ofcourse the Khabarnama with its reporting of the various medals held out by the President, and local constituents.

I am a Pakistani at heart. And I’ll remain that forever.Somehow. My father being an enthusiast the TV was on with full volume.

Butt this year federal government has announced to postpone Pakistan Day parade, to be held at Constitutional Avenue on March 23, said a statement. The joint-services parade has been postponed on the directives of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, a statement issued by PM House.

The nation is celebrating Pakistan Day with great zeal and enthusiasm in remembrance of “The Pakistan Resolution” passed on March 23 in 1940. The day was dawn with special prayers for solidarity and integrity of Pakistan. Various programmes have been arranged to commemorate the most outstanding achievement of the Muslims of South Asia who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution in Lahore.

The events arranged on the day included rallies of Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and students and exhibition of documentary films for school children and the public.

Recitation of Holy Quran verses, debates, and essay competitions have been organized all over the country and prizes to award to winners. Poetry concerts were also held in major cities while sweets were distribute throughout the country.

All radio and TV stations broadcast and telecast special programmes on the day in which well-known workers of Tehreek-I-Pakistan have been invited to participate.

Governors and Chief Ministers hosted receptions at the provincial capitals. People belonging to all walks of life participated in Pakistan Day celebrations.

On this day in 1940, the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent had pledged to create an independent homeland, where they could live in accordance with their religious and cultural values.


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