People who have a vision control their destiny and lifestyle.
people without a vision, their destiny and lifestyle is controlled by others.

Leadership & Responsibility

Team responsibility
Team leadership
Delegating responsibility
Taking charge of one’s own life

Tools for sharing knowledge
Team education
Learn by teaching
Bragging, socializing
Conflict and debate

Tools for collecting knowledge
Research and analyzing
Learn by doing, trial and error
Intuitive instincts
Social Influence
Social prejudice
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Team associates

Character Development
Positive self-esteem

Awareness Goals
Awareness of character development techniques.
Awareness of project learning methods.
Awareness of changing leadership styles in business.


�� Stewardship - Taking responsibility for oneself and the social
environment they live in. Survival aboard windjammers
requires responsibility.
�� Integrity - Being honest toward oneself and their fellow man.
Windjammers work in harmony with nature. There is no way to
lie, cheat or take shortcuts.

�� Teamwork - Harnessing the power of team motivation. Tasks
are achievable when teams work in harmony with each other
and with the forces of nature.

�� Excellence - Whatever we do, do it right. Jobs done right the
first time promotes harmony between crew members and the

�� Service - To support others as they work to fulfill their goals.
Assume responsibility without orders. Aboard windjammers
there is always someone who needs assistance.


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