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450 years old living tree Islamabad. (PHOTOS)

So many times I have seen it from a distance but never went close. Today I don't know why I unintentionally turned my self towards it as some strong spiritual power was calling me towards itself.:-) & captured my attention, when I reached it, I was totally amazed with its beauty and soon I found a stone board which was beautifully written and was giving the impact of a strong history of the Giant beauty. Then I came to know that It was not  just a tree but a 450 years old one. When I was standing beneath its huge branches I was feeling great!! This tree has enjoyed 450 years of life and still living a healthy life. It has observe a long history and must had seen a large number of legends and great historical ups and downs from the same place where it is standing with great pride. For me It is not just a tree but a witness of so many historical events. I also captured a glimpse of one of the greatest natural assets in Pakistan. Have a look on the giant whose name is "Peepa…