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Rebuilding Pakistan, One year on!

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One year on, thousands of families still need support to rebuild their lives.
It’s been a year now since the destructive floods of July-2010 that caused extraordinary damage, displacing uncountable people and animals but it also gave us real life lessons about how to fight a catastrophe much bigger than your strength.

A year after monsoon floods in Pakistan, The United Nations today pledged its continued assistance to the people of Pakistan as they rebuild their lives one year after the country faced devastating floods " the largest natural disaster in its history.
More than 20 million people were affected by the floods that began in late July 2010, submerging almost one-fifth of the country under water. The disaster claimed 2,000 lives and destroyed 1.6 million homes across the country.
The lives of millions of people were changed in a matter of days and there were numerous challenges for those who survived the disaster, including loss of shelter, crops and li…

Death anniversary of Madir-e-millat observed

Mader-e Millat Motharma Fatima Jinnah  (July 31, 1893 — July 9, 1967) 
Fatima Jinnah was the younger sister of Quaid -e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan. She is commonly known in Pakistan as Khatun-e Pakistan (Lady of Pakistan) and Mader-e Millat (Mother of the Nation) She was born in Karachi,  She was an active political figure in the Pakistan movement and the primary organiser of the All India Muslim Women Students Federation. After the formation of Pakistan and the death of her brother, she remained an active member of the nation's politics. She continued to work for the welfare of the Pakistani people until she died in Karachi on July 9, 1967.

1965 - Madar-i-Millat's Message to the Nation.
"Let us sink all our differences and stand united together under the same banner under which we truly achieved Pakistan and let us demonstrate once again that we can, united, face all dangers in the cause of glory of Pakistan, the glory that the Quaid-i-Azam envisaged …