Rebuilding Pakistan, One year on!

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One year on, thousands of families still need support to rebuild their lives.

It’s been a year now since the destructive floods of July-2010 that caused extraordinary damage, displacing uncountable people and animals but it also gave us real life lessons about how to fight a catastrophe much bigger than your strength.

A year after monsoon floods in Pakistan, The United Nations today pledged its continued assistance to the people of Pakistan as they rebuild their lives one year after the country faced devastating floods " the largest natural disaster in its history.

More than 20 million people were affected by the floods that began in late July 2010, submerging almost one-fifth of the country under water. The disaster claimed 2,000 lives and destroyed 1.6 million homes across the country.

The lives of millions of people were changed in a matter of days and there were numerous challenges for those who survived the disaster, including loss of shelter, crops and livelihoods. Govt. of Pakistan, UN agencies and their partners provided emergency aid in the aftermath of the floods and have been continuing to help families get back on their feet.

"We certainly need to do more. We certainly need to draw lessons" we certainly need to keep up the momentum to continue to deliver the promises we made one year ago to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan,"  The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Assistance to Pakistan, Rauf Engin Soysal, and he admired the "resilience, strength and courage" of the Pakistani people, and acknowledged the hard work and continued commitment of the country"s authorities in the post-flood response.

According to Member // Water Aid One year on from a crisis that destroyed much of Pakistan's infrastructure, a lot has been done to help affected families have their basic needs met. However, many areas still require proper sewerage systems, access to safe, sustainable water supplies, and permanent homes, schools and facilities to help people rebuild their lives and have hope for the future. 


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