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Pakistan vs India : All the best Pakistan #cwc2011

Thanks to the information technology and latest methodology, the ancient sports were gone with the wind and now the entire global nations are entered in a new sports World.
Soccer, Tennis, Squash, Hockey are the new phenomenal sports and over and above The Cricket, when introduced, was being called as a "game of gentle man" normally played in Europe, specially in England, New Zealand and Australia, later on spread in Asia and now a days it become the dream of the world.
Step in my time machine fasten your belts… Kindly see the window at your left, it is jam pack stadium, Can you catch it? It is Mohali, the venue for the big game, 2nd Semi-Final, "The Master Blaster Match" in the history of cricket specially for Pakistan and India the neighboring countries. Since the QFs there is a pin drop silence and every body is waiting for the date which is the 30th March, The May Day! "Kon banayega 30 (tees) March Khan". The people living in this part of the world coul…

Pictorial Summary : Pakistan showed their true colours against Australia

Wow the unbeatable Australia are beaten by Green boys! What a  treat for the nation and after this fantastic win Pakistan is at the top level of Group "A" in the Point table. After this incredible match i think it would not be right if we won't pay a Tribute to our Heroes and i also have a pictorial match summary to my friends to see.
Before the starting of yesterday's match i was not expecting by the way no body was expecting a game like that but Pakistan has once again proved to be the most unpredictable team. Aussies are no more unbeatable after this encounter. The green boys once again showed their strength and proved that they could be very dangerous and can face any team when they play as a team to win. It was no doubt a great match and very well played in all departments by Pakistan.
Let us have a look on the history, The kangaroos were unbeatable in World cups since 1999. They were also been beaten by Pakistan at the venue of Leads on March 23,1999 and after t…