Most high-profile assault, Rawalpindi Mosque Blast

The most High-profile assault on the army since it launched a major ground offensive against Taleban militants in South Waziristan, Approximately 37 people were killed instantly, while 61 others were injured, As many as 17 children were killed in the attack, including the son of the Peshawar Corps Commander. A serving Major-General, Bilal Umer, was the highest ranking serving officer killed, alongside a Brigadier, a Lieutenant-Colonel and a Major. A retired General, former vice army chief, Mohammed Yousuf, was wounded.

Terrorist attack on a mosque during Friday prayers on December 4, 2009. The mosque is located in Rawalpindi and is surrounded by military houses and is frequented by retired and serving officers.

About 150 worshippers, gathered for prayers in the mosque, attackers opened indiscriminate fire on a group of worshippers and hurling grenades at the crowd before two bombers detonated their explosives. officials said four attackers were killed after the army mounted a response, area around the mosque was cordoned off and the security forces initiated a search with the help of Helicopters for more attackers in the area.

TV channels Reported.
Photo Credit AP


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