Way back in the 1960s Pakistan was truly on the move.

The 60’s gave us the "Green Revolution" because of the construction and commissioning of dams such as Mangla and Tarbela. Barrages were erected all the way down to the Guddu near Hyderabad.

These dams and barrages gave birth to an efficient network of canals and small distributaries which in the sixties not only made Pakistan self-sufficient but surplus in agricultural products.

One can go on recounting many more aspects of Pakistan to show what a potently viable country it should have been today with an economy strong enough to stand it in good stead for exercising an independent foreign policy as well as in bringing about an environment in which the country would have had a content population which would, in turn, have excluded space to all sorts of disruptions.

What, then, went wrong and why do people now talk in terms of whether Pakistan will be able to outlast its present crisis?

Pakistan indeed lost its way in the years that followed the incidents, Mlitary coups, the judicial murder, frequent derailing of the political process, an erratic foreign policy pursued by a bunch of minds, allowing ethnic and other kinds of militancy to grow, treating education as if it was insignificant and so much more is all responsible for the dire straits we find ourselves in after having made a great start in the early years of our freedom.

South Korea laid its foundations for progress and prosperity on Pakistan's First Five Year Plan. Pakistan never made a second five-year plan and in fact the First Five Year Plan was followed by unplanned improvisation. Who knows, had Pakistan followed its own First Five Year Plan like South Korea did, in the subsequent years Pakistan too may well have been one of the biggest economies of the world today.

Most Pakistanis are known to have a strong faith in the country's ability to bounce back from the wilderness. The mean fact is we all need Education & Training our Security forces needs more advance equipment, Trainings to follow the current crisis.

The present crisis should never have gotten to where it now stands, now that it has to be handled, let all Pakistanis take strength from the fact that this great country needs to be put back on the track from which it got derailed in the 1960s.

We can and must do it.


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