Dr Sarfraz Naeemi lost his life in suicide bombing at the Jamia Naeemia mosque

The suicide bombing at the Jamia Naeemia mosque in Lahore on Friday, in which the head cleric Dr Sarfraz Naeemi lost his life, He was targeted because he opposed the Taliban ideology, consistently and brazenly. Earlier this month, he led a rally in Lahore condemning the Taliban. Members of two dozen parties comprising a Sunni alliance known as Tahaffuz-e-Namoos-e-Risalat Mahaz gathered behind Dr. Naeemi as he criticized the Taliban, demanded the eradication of militancy and expressed vociferous support for the military operation in Swat.


saifullah said…
hi friend very nice informative blog and collection about Pakistan Currency but one thing i want to tell you that the people who are struggling against our army are not Taliban they are terrorist from Raw and Musad and some are rubber
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