Voice of Common Pakistani on War on Terror Issue!

9/11 terrorists attacks changed the whole scenario of the world . The world became vulnerable to a severe problem - terrorism . Pakistan because of it's geographical location became the center of attention for the whole world . Pakistan decided to align with US after 9/11 and became the front-line state in the war on terror . The international community lauded Pakistan's stance at that time . But the important question is , are we still being praised and supported for our role in the war on terror ? The answer is certainly no .

The fact remains that Pakistan is being criticized for not doing too much in the war against terrorism . Every other day we hear statements of “Do more , Do more " from the international community . But these statements are far from reality.

Pakistan is fighting a war which never meant to be it's own war. It was a war whose main purpose was to save American people form another 9/11 attack. But now lives of Pakistan own citizens are at stake . The war has become our own war . A war where our own security forces are fighitng against militants in our own country , where our northern areas are are in danger of going under control of Taliban and a type of terrorism where sucide bombing becomes a regular act . Before 2001 there were very few citizens in Pakistan who knew about the sucide bombings but today there are very few who donot know about this . Innocent citizens have become the targets of these deadly bombs . Pakistan's role in the war on terror has provoked the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda to carry their war deeper into Pakistan . It has resulted in much more loss of lives than 9/11 attack . Pakistan is the only country in the world whose soldiers have lost more lives than any other country even greater than United States . Moreover , law and order situation in the country has constantly deteriorated since 2001 and the sufferers are only the citizens of Pakistan . Such is the big price that Pakistan has paid in trying to help the international community to eradicate terrorism from the region .

Inspite of all these efforts , Pakistan is being made a scapegoat for the failures of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan . The international community and media leaves no opportunity to regard Pakistan.

The main cause of these problems without any doubt is Pakistan's sincere support to US and Nato forcies against Taliban and Al-Qaeda . Pakistan deserves to be treated in a much better way. The world should consider our sacrifices not our weaknesses.


RennyBA said…
A sad read, but I believe you are quite right.

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