Happy Earth Day 22 April, 2009

I wish for moments and time taken—like today…people collected in a focused breath…

We pray for health, shelter and food

Go away, poverty.

More art! Fun! More love for all!

I wish this world was filled with kids. I wish people would use manners instead of war.

Peace Monster

I wish I could fly and fly far, far away and touch the clouds.

Love not hate. Hugs not drugs.

I wish for stars, I wish for me to be kind.

I love mom, I love dad. I wish that all of the sicknesses are gone.

I wish for a sky full of kites not bombs.

I wish for all people (including me) to be guided in the direction of their childhood dreams.

Dear God, thank you for food, cars, birds. Amen.

Peace, justice, sun, blue skies.

I wish that we all succeed in life.

I wish I could climb the stars and go sit on the moon. Then I would help people who don’t have beds.

I wish for more days just like this one.

I wish I was nicer to people and not weirdly judgmental. I wish no more war. I wish for community love.

I wish I could see my family right now.

I wish for all of our hearts to soften and to love each other everywhere.



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