The Pride of Pakistan (Ghazal Singers).

Mukhtar Begum

1911 - 1982

Teacher: Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan

A standard bearer to the likes of Farida Khanum and Noor Jehan, Mukhtar Begum was considered an icon amongst the ghazal singers of the gramophone era. Her qualities included her command over classical music and understanding of Urdu poetry.

(Queen of Melody)
Madam Noor Jehan

1926 - 2000

Teachers: Ustad Gh.Mohammad & Ustad Bade Gh. Ali Khan

The legendary playback singer Malika-e- Tarannum Noor Jehan was an equally proficient ghazal singer. With rigorous training in classical music, Noor Jehan employed the essential features necessary to present the ghazal in an exceptional manner.

(King of Ghazal)

Mehdi Hassan


Teachers: Ustad Azeem Khan and Ustad Ismail Khan

Known as the Shehenshah –e- ghazal, legendary vocalist Mehdi Hassan has enriched ghazal gayaki with his mellifluous voice, perfection of sur and extraordinary ability as a composer.

Farida Khanum


Teacher: Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan

Farida Khanum is appropriately known as the “Malika-e- Ghazal”. With strong grooming in khayal and thumri, her performances are marked by elegance, poise and sophistication. She was conferred the Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan award in 2005.

Bashir Khan

1934- 1997

Teacher: Ustad Latafat Hussain Khan

An exceptional khayal, thumri and ghazal singer, Bashir Khan was a member of the Rampur/ Bhindi Bazaar gharanas. His renditions were marked with wonderful Behlawas and Murkis.

Iqbal Bano


Teacher: Ustad Chand Khan

Another pillar amongst the ghazal singers of the sub-continent, Iqbal Bano is renowned for presenting the ghazal in its authenticity. Her style is reminiscent of the legendary Begum Akhtar.

Ghulam Ali


Teachers: Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Ustad Barkat Ali Khan & Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan

Ghulam Ali is a born genius responsible for modernising ghazal gayaki. Internationally renowned, his strengths lie in his mastery over rhythm and skill of blending the Patiala style to the ghazal foray.

Salamat Ali


Teachers: Mehdi Hassan & Ustad Sharif Khan

Salamat Ali is a leading exponent of ghazal and thumri from the Mehdi Hassan school of thought. He possesses an excellent aesthetic sense in conveying the essence of poetry through his music.

Aqeel Manzoor


Teacher: Ustad Salamat Ali Khan

Based in Lahore, Aqeel Manzoor is a highly respected ghazal and kafi singer. A senior disciple of Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Aqeel employs various facets of the Shamchaurasi gharana into his singing.



Teacher: Kajjan Begum

A popular vocalist associated with the film industry, Mehnaz’s main passion is ghazal singing. A good base in classical music has helped her to create an individual standing amongst modern-day ghazal singers.

Gulbahar Bano


Teacher: Afzal Khan

A talented ghazal singer of the younger generation, Gulbahar makes regular appearances on Radio, Television and Music conferences.


Anamika said…
Adnan Sami who is now residing in India is one of my favourite Singers.
Anonymous said…
Where is The Kindom of The Ghazal Ustad Amanat Ali Khan Patala Waly

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