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Cessna 182 R.C Airplane

Today we Purchased SKYARTEC CESSNA 182, Our Cessna is equipped with 4 servos not 3 servos as common. The ARF version 4ch contains the 90% preassembled body, mounted motor, manual and decals except RX/TX set. The RTF version includes everything the beginner needs. Servos and steering levers are mounted and the airplane could be ready for flight within 20 minutes. The techniques used for the airframe in order to achieve both smooth surface and best dynamic material properties. The model uses two servos mounted directly to the tail wing and roll rudders.

We Purchased this machine because my son want to be a Pilot.. I also love to see him in pilot Uniform. So the training starts today.

He is Jr.Farrukh named Alihamza enjoying his helicopter ride
Assembling Cessna to Fly
Final Checking before Take-OFF
But today we enjoy only assembling & slow drive on the Road. Flying will be experienced some other time after Practice on the "computer fly simulator". we'll share our joyful flying with you hopefully next Sunday. so keep visiting.


kika said…
Nice to meet you Jr.Farrukh, one day you will be flying, wearing you pilot uniform. For now is nice to see you playing whith this beautifull machines. All the best for nex sunday!!

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