Visit Karachi

Karachi is one of the largest cities in the world. It is home to 9 million people alone in the city and over 15 million people in the whole metro area. Karachi is Pakistan's Business Capital home to the Karachi Stock Exchange which was one of the best performing very good in 2003. Karachi is also home to Pakistan's skyscrapers; there are many buildings which cover the skyline from the coast to the suburbs. Tourism is greatly decreased in Karachi however things have begun to change; the city has pledged to make the city a safer place. main problem with Karachi is it's traffic; Karachi byfar has the worst traffic problems in Pakistan along with Lahore. The roads are quite well maintained however there are too many cars. After 15 years of arguing and planning Karachi has decided to build a Mass Transit System using LRT's.

Karachi is a great place to visit; there is quite a bit of history behind the city too. The founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah is buried in Karachi. Today a huge domb covers the tomb and around it many parks. Karachi is also home to a large Polish population. During World War 2, Polish refugees were taken by the British to many parts of it's empire all over the world. Many came to Karachi during the 30s and 40s; after the war was over many did not leave because the refugees which had come here had children which had grown up in Karachi and gotton to know the language. Many did not leave and to this day there is still large Polish population in Karachi.

The Port Tower planned for Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan, with collaboration from investors from abroad, the Karachi Port Trust is taking on a Rs. 20 billion project, the Port Tower Complex, the tower would have been 1,947 ft (593 m)[1] high.
As planned, it comprised of a hotel, a shopping center, and an Expo center. The main feature of the venture included a revolving restaurant and a viewing gallery offering a panoramic view of city's coastline.


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