Terrorist attack at Manawa Police Training School

LAHORE: At least 20 people have been killed and 25 injured when gunmen attack police training center in Manawan near Wagah border on Monday.

Attackers take positions inside police training center. They are wearing police uniforms and carrying backpacks and guns.

Rangers and police take positions around police training center. Army has also deployed to aid police. Emergency enforced in the hospitals. Police helicopters hover training center.

The bodies and injured have been shifted to different hospitals. According to DIG Mumtaz Sukhara, the exact number of attackers yet to be known. Police have directed people to stay away from training center, however, large number of people present outside training center to support security forces. They are chanting slogans in favour of Punjab police and Pakistan Army.

Earlier, a series of at least five blasts were heard at the training centre at Manawan, and the explosions were followed by an exchange of fire between the attackers and policemen that is still underway.

The officials said about 850 trainee policemen were present within at the facility.Reports said the gunmen lobbed several grenades as they launched their attack and then fired indiscriminately.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has condemned terrorist attack at Manawa Police Training School and ordered all possible help to the policemen.

At least 12 persons were reportedly killed In the Monday morning attack at police training school in Manawa, Lahore.

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Interior has declared countrywide high alert on Monday after attack at police training school in Manawa, Lahore.
The contingents of police have been deployed at important installations and police have started strict checking of the people and vehicles.

The Manawa Training Centre has more than 800 police officials stationed as trainees, instructors or guards. According to different TV channels, It was followed by an indiscriminate firing at the young Police trainees who were doing a parade in the grounds.

I personally condemned this act of terror with all my energies & salute to those Police men who have lost their lives so far and pray that this crisis ends as soon as possible with all the terrorists caught or rightfully executed with as less mercy as possible.

At this time we all need strong UNITY to face this type of internal or external threads. God Bless my country & my country men.


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