Bravo Pak-Forces Bravo

Security forces have secured Manawan Police Training Academy, Commandos of elite force and army Forces have captured the terrorists alive. After clearing the compound and arresting the terrorists, the commandos fired in jubilation and said “Allah Akber”.

Pakistani security troops have take over police academy in Lahore Security forces used helicopters and armoured vehicles to gain control of the complex, killing four militants in the process and arresting three others. A group of men armed with automatic weapons and hand grenades launched an attack from four sides as recruits were beginning morning exercises on the parade ground.

Television footage showed some police tried to escape by
crawling on their hands and knees around the bodies of fallen officers.

Six hours after the initial assault, police captured suspected gunmen, dragging him to a field outside the academy. It was not immediately clear who might be behind the attack, and no one claimed responsibility

The operation has been successfully completed after Six hours of intense gun battle. We all are proud to our Security Forces for this quick and positive response. BRAVO


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