Numerical Miracles in Quran

The numerical miracles Of Quran are also countless, but we take just few

1) The mention of ( Hour ) came in Quran just 24 times, and ( Month)
came 12 times, while (day) came in Quran 365 times.

2) The mention of man came in Quran 24 times, exactly as the mention of
woman came in Quran 24 times.

3) The mention of (Aql) which means intellect came in Quran 49 times, as
the mention of (Noor) which means light 49 times.

4) People 368 times, as messengers 368 times. This means that whenever
there were people, there was a messenger and a message from God to guide

5) Tongue is mentioned in Quran 29 times, as talking is also 29 times.

6) Astray goers 17 times, as Dead persons 17 times, because going astray
is the real death.

7) Difficulty 114 times, as Patience 114.

8) Life 145, as Death 145.

9) Dunia which means this life, came in Quran 115 times, as Aakhirah
which means hereafter which also came 115 times.

10) Sins 180 times, as Good deeds 180 times.

11) Angels 88 times, as the devils 88 times.

12) Imam 12 times, successor 12 times, The Best Chosen by Allah
(Al-Mostafawn) 12 times, Most pious (Al-Abraar) 12 times, and Shia 12
times. You find (Firqa) which means a division came in Quran 72 times
which the number of divisions in Muslim Ummah away from the right path
of Islam as the total sects according to the Hadeeth is 73.

13) Adam 25 times, as Easa (Jesus) 25 times. Quran says that ( The
example of Easa with Allah is like the example of Adam ( 3:59).

14) Land and Sea are mentioned in Quran in 12 times for land and 41
times for sea, which is the exact ratio of land and sea on the globe
which was discovered just recently after advancement of sciences and
space photography of the globe.

Finally, I should state with full confidence that every word in Quran
has miracles which we may be able to discover some of it's sides
according to our thinking and advancement of our knowledge, no matter
which language we understand, because Quran is the everlasting miracle
for all worlds, all times. More we think and research, more we discover,
though Quranic miracles are definitely endless.

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