Beaches Karachi

Clifton, is the most popular beach in Karachi is always a buzzing with various activities to keep the visitors to the beach busy. The activities include beachside camelback rides, horseback rides, snake charmers, amusement parks, restaurants, or just a plain old dip in the sea.

Hawks Bay, a must see beach in Pakistan is a wonderfully sunny and sandy beach. The water is clean and if you need a tan, it is the beach to go to. The huts allow total privacy and the view is magnificent. It is a non rocky area portion of the coast and it is the breeding ground for green turtles. Visitors here enjoy swimming and camel riding.

Sand Spit, quite near the beach of Hawks Bay this is a wonderful and amazing place to spend your evening! A completely unpolluted and positively beautiful beach, here you can find the turtles everywhere.

Paradise Point, almost at the limit of the Sindh province, is a fascinating place to spend the evenings. It is a fairly rocky region, so no swimming can be done there, never the less it has a lot of other things to be done there. The fact that the water is very clear and you can see to the bottom of the rocky pools there is just one of them. Because it is so rocky it can also be dangerous so be careful if you are heading down there.

The French Beach, located half way between Hawks Bay and Paradise Point, is in fact a small fishing village known to the locals as Haji Abdullah Goth. Surrounded by a boundary wall, it has some 20 huts constructed by villagers for hire. There are no facilities of running water or electricity. But the visitors to this beach can just carry with them whatever is required for them as none could miss out this beach. French Beach is a fabulously beautiful beach where the water is clean and the air is crisp. There are gorgeous rocks embedded in the ocean. The waves splashing against them are quite a lovely sight.


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