A Key to Success

A desire is just a desire, but goals are very different. Goals have deadlines and are stepping stones down the path, the stair-case to your dreams. Through out the years I learned how to set my goals and make strategies to implement those goals not only from my experience but from people around me who turned their dreams into goals.
There are a number of important factors that make people successful in achieving their personal goals. and I believe goal setting is the key ingredient to personal success. What else determines whether we will achieve our goals? I think the following attributes are critical. having a strong belief in oneself and in one’s ability to succeed, Good self esteem, Self confidence, Self discipline, a burning desire to achieve your pre-set goals , a sound strategy with a great deal of thought given to Planning , a desire to give back to society and invest in people. It not only enough to have the desire to achieve one’s goals yet these goals have to worthy goals which benefit one self and others. The way one carry themselves is very important too, it’s all about your energy having a positive attitude makes a person avoid any obstacle that may get in the way of building what your aiming for. Goals most of the times are hard to accomplish that’s why one need to be Consistent and commitment with what he/she started. The ability to avoid distractions is very important, for example, an ability to Focus (not swearing at ourselves). You need to the have ability and capability to take calculated risks. Due today’s highly competition in every business one needs to have the ability to handle stress well which is a needed with today’s lifestyles. An ability to learn from your mistakes and to overcome the fear of making mistakes yet this is always said but it is the most important factor, it’s needed to overcome dawn falls and to able to stand strong again.
The most important factor in achieving success is the desire to benefit one self and others. One has believed in himself to go any where. In fact, it is the very significant factor that will make you achieve your goals. You will be a winner, you can have that dream car, and you can lose weight, all because you believe in yourself. That is the most powerful driving force one could ever have.
Getting that dream is not that complicated, though it is not that easy either. But whatever it is that will make you strive harder, just bear in mind that when you want something, you have to work hard for it and believe you can. You are the only person on earth who will know how you can achieve your goals right now. As they say, life is what you make it. Take the easiest way to set your Goals and that is SMART Rule.

S Specific
M Measurable
A Achievable
R Readable
T Time frame


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