Pakistanis Win Pakistan

I started the day on a fairly jubilant note having woken up after receiving an SMS from an friend that the Chief has been restored (I had gone to bed by mid night having watched the political drama incessantly for the past few days). Today back to work, I have had enough of sweets to put on a few pounds in the next few days. As evening has progressed and the adrenaline rush has subsided I have started to ponder the events of the last 24 hours.

Iam cautiously optimistic that all will be all right. However, it is still five days before the Chief is actually restored and that is an eternity in politics. Anything still can happen given that President still hasn’t been seen in public yet. The news that has started filtering out in the evening of the 16th is not that great.

Butt the Pakistani people have undeniable support for change. At celebratory gatherings
across the country Monday, People's Party stalwarts pointedly avoided mention of Mr.Zardari, instead seeking reinstatement as fulfillment of a pledge by Benazir Bhutto, Mr.Zardari's assassinated wife. "This outcome is in accordance with her wishes," said Aitzaz Ahsan, the most prominent leader of the lawyers movement.

"No country can progress without an independent judiciary and the government by restoring the chief justice and other judges and we think it is a big success," lawyer leader said.

The concession came as thousands of protesters led by Mr.Nawaz Sharif PML(N), the head of the largest opposition party, were traveling to Islamabad to join the planned sit-in. Sharif joined the convoy after ignoring a house arrest order in his hometown of Lahore in Punjab province,."From here, God willing, the fate of this nation will change," Sharif said, "From here, a journey of development will start. From here, a revolution will come."


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