Remembering 6th Sept 1965 : Incredible images from the War Zone

 'Pakistan Defence Day' 

September 6th is a red letter day in the history of Pakistan when our armed forces with the solid support of the people exhibited extraordinary courage in grave threats to the country as on this day in 1965, the armed forces successfully defended the motherland against the invasion of Indian Army without any formal declaration of war. 6th September is marked as the 'Defence Day' of Pakistan. 

Defence day celebrations across the country with renewed pledge, commitment and resolve to defend the ideological and geographical boundaries of the country from any aggression in line with the spirit and unity exhibited by the whole nation by standing shoulder to shoulder with defenders of the motherland. Today every year we pay homage to our brave martyred and courage of our soldiers who defended country heroically. 

Some rare pictures from the war zone 1965 war. 

Photo Source : Pictures War 1965


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