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How can We Help flood victims in Pakistan

Million flood victims are still facing miserable conditions and are in need of  "Relief Help".  In response, Please donate and help relief efforts, thousands families are at risk...

Most Urgent Requirement in Flood effected areas

• Mineral Water – Fresh Drinking water
• Medicines for Scabies, Dieria, Motions, Vomiting, Fever, Multivitamins etc .
• Anti Germ, Mosquito, fly spray / liquid / Lime stone& Soap / liquid. .
• Clothes “Especially for women, children’s – all ages”.
• Raw food stuff “Rice, Beans, Flour, Sugar, Tea, Bread, Rusk etc”

"Acute need of shelter, food and other relief goods."

How we can help

Following is list of donation links, relief resources, organizations working to support flood victims of Pakistan.
If you are willing to contribute, or know somebody who can help, please contact the following:

Donations to Prime Minister's Flood Relief Fund Donations to National Disaster Management Fund

Beneficiary: NDMA  Account No. 000294-2Branch Code 173…