Earth Hour around the World

Image released by the Nasa Earth Observatory of the Earth’s city lights

A Pakistani boy holds a candle in front of the national assembly in Islamabad.

Jordanians hold candles, as they gather to mark 'earth hour' in Amman, Jordan.

A combo shows the Eiffel tower submerging into darkness in Paris as part of the Earth Hour

People light candles during Earth Hour in Cancun.

Glasses containing candles form the number 60 in celebration of Earth Hour in La Paz.

Malaysia's landmark Patronas Twin Towers is seen before for Earth Hour

A fire acrobat performs in front of the Bulgarian National Theater

A newly married couple participate in candle light rally for Earth

A man lights candles during Earth Hour by the West lake in Hanoi.

Mascots Spark and Splash during the Earth Hour lantern march in Dubai.

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