12 March 2010 'A Black Day'

Army soldiers cordon off the area of bombing in Lahore. Panic fripped Lahore after it was rocked
by a twin-suicide attack that killed at least 50 people, followed by a series of low-intensity explosions.
AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary via Dawn.news Pakistan

12 March 2010 'A Black Day' Lahore bombings were a series of bombings in Lahore. It was the second attack in Lahore that week, following a bomb explosion at an intelligence headquarters on 8 March 2010. The blasts wounded about 100 people, mostly civilians, and killed at as many as 50 plus of which ten were soldiers. In the late afternoon, 7 more bombs were detonated in an Iqbal Town market, but their main consequence was panic some windows were broken, and a car was damaged, and three injuries were reported. President PM, Punjab Chief Minister condemned (as Prime duty) the attacks and said the victims would be compensated.


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