NWFP cultural Festival 29-31 Jan 2010 .

Three day cultural festival aimed to promote the culture and tourism of the northwest frontier province of Pakistan concluded Monday at the Lok Virsa museum in Islamabad. This is for the first time that an exclusive event to depict the culture and tourism of the NWFP has been organised in the capital.

The festival has drawn a large number of visitors over the weekend to Lok Virsa museum, one of the best platform to promote the Pakistani heritage in peaceful environment, to enjoy the event showcasing the frontier culture with performance, live music and photographic exhibition.

A Group of Kalash Women, attired in beautiful traditional costumes, was the main attraction of the event. Other popular dances included Khattak dance with swords by 20-member group and Mehsud dance with guns by 20-member group.

Handicrafts stalls including marble furniture, fireplaces, Swati embroidery, Hazara embroidery known as Phulkari, Swati shawls, gemstones, wooden furniture, Peshawari chappal, metal work, doll making, lacquer work from DI Khan and folk painting were the main attractions for women. A number of stalls displayed handcrafted items from NWFP like dazzling dresses, intricately woven carpets, handmade shoes, handbags, bedcovers and home accessories. A live musical performance of folk artists and rural musicians was also a part of the visit programme.

Mrs Becky Gates, the spouse of the visiting US defence secretary, along with her entourage visited Lok Virsa. She lauded as reported by news papers Lok Virsa’s efforts to document and preserve the indigenous folk culture of Pakistan through three-dimensional cultural displays.

Lok Visra authorities says that Lok Virsa being a federal cultural body, would continue to help, assist and support all provincial, regional and local associations, NGOs and community based organisations to document, preserve and disseminate various components of their tangible and intangible culture and folklore.


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