The real heroes of the nation

Fire brigade and rescue javans Islamabad showed that they are capable of controlling such situations by their quick action which held some days ago at Aabpara market Islamabad when suddenly people rushed towards the main market because they saw a cloud of heavy smoke at that side. People gathered on the spot. In the meantime the hooter of the fire brigade was heard and it was a glimpse of hope for the people who were there at that very moment.

Here are some Pictures of the sudden event. The reason to share this post here is to appreciate these rescue workers and fire brigade team for there quick and professional responce.

Smokes clouds could be seen from far away

People gathering on the spot

The Fire brigade reached on the spot

Rescue work started

People appreciated the effort of rescue services and dispersed happily

We owe them for their effective job. They risk their lives for the sake of our safety. They are the real heroes of the nation who even with less resources prove them selves to be the real hard workers. May ALLAH bless them and give them power and prosperity.


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