Religious procession hit by suicide bomber

Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images

Muharram remembrance in the muharram's holiest day Ashura ended marred by a bomb blast in Muzaffarabad 11 people dead & dozens injured and an other suicide attack in the Karachi killed 43 Plus people and more then 90 others were injured.

Photo Credit : Rehan Khan, EPA

The frustrated mourners pelted stones at vehicles and torched cars and shops more than 3000 shops gutted in the flammable incidents and the fire could not be controlled 18 hours after the incident & this is more alarming situation.

Photo Credit : Xinhua/Anwar Abbas

Thousands of people from civil society, Forces & Govt Officials have attended funerals for people killed in Monday's suicide attack in Karachi, victims of the suicide bombing were buried, i would like to slate our soldier Abdul Razzaq (Ranger) he covered the suicide bomber from the front side to save the many People & lost his life T.V channels reported.

Muharram rituals were almost peacefully observed in other parts of the country because of the tight security arrangements, the target was chosen to exploit the situation in the city so it might be given a sectarian color, but people of Pakistan have become of are very mature, they understand the motives of those attacks, people around Pakistan showed deep resentment over the brutal killings of innocent people in the suicide attack and condemned the riots. I see a very mature response from all the political parties and from all the sectarian leadership. That's a very good sign despite all the panic around.

CCTV footage shows the moment suicide bomber blows up himself.


May Allah BLess the Shahid with his blessings and protect our country .

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