World Musclemania 2009 Las Vegas

“I feel proud to be the first Pakistani to make it to the
Musclemania and it would be a great honour for me when
the national anthem of Pakistan will be played in Las Vegas. Bux”
Pakistani body builder Aamir Rahim Bux, is all set to participate in the American Inc World Musclemania 2009 in Las Vegas. Training himself day and night Bux was not very confident about his departure to the US before the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) sponsored his tour to the US.

“I am extremely happy to finally receive official support from the government, the competition is weeks away and I am putting in my 100 per cent to win the title, the sponsorship by the CDGK is of great help in getting the visa and the American Sports Inc authorities also wanted government representation,” Bux told The News

Working out six hours a day and following a strict protein-based diet plan for the last two months, Bux is leaving no stone unturned in bringing recognition to Pakistan.

The competition will take place on the 21st of November and will be aired on all international sports channels. Representing Pakistan, Bux will be competing in the heavy weight category.


nothingprofound said…
Good luck to him! I was a bodybuilder for over 25 years so I know what hard work it is to prepare for a competition.

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