We are proud of you! defenders of our Country,

Captain Waqas Zameer Shaheed
Sitara - E - Jurat.

His brother's account of his bravery.

A gifted child a humble n smiling MCJ cadet an ideal PMA senior a high profile officer a hard core soldier a lovely son a caring brother n most of all a "SHAHEED" for the nation. CAPTAIN Waqas Zameer Shaheed ( Sitara-e-jurat)

"On the night of 28th july Waqas was called from kanju post as he was going bak home after a highly successfull stay at swat for 15 ff, he talked to his family that me coming, but later that night an operation was planned to search & cordon 5 to 10 miscreants his junior LT Mohsin said sir app raat k jagay hain mai chala jata hun .. he refused n with a smile replied "lalay apna khayal rakhen" then he offered prayers with his troops recited Surah kausar motivated them & they started the opertion. Waqas was the commander and was leading 3 APC'S with infantry troops of 6 AK, on their way the few miscreants fired rockets at Waqas's APC which missed and waqas shot dead the person who fired them as they went a bit forward fire from all sides opened at them they had the wrong information that they 5 to 10 miscreants but they were more then 100 and fierce fighting started, meanwhile our soldiers got injured,Waqas jumped off the APC and using the tactics of fire and move he started rescuing the injured with his troops following him , fight went on for 5 hours as he shifted 14 injured soldiers as they were about to move waqas was back in the APC at that moment one of 6 soldier got shot he shouted Pick the body "isay uthao" but every person was on his position he jumped off again and fired in forward direction n picked him on his shoulders n took him to the APC as he was about to shift him in he was shot just above the chest he Shouted "Allaho Akbar" (mashallah) n fell, he was shifted in the APC but due to to much blood coming from his mouth he could not speak but he kept on reciting from his fingers. and Embraced shahadat.

We recieved his body after 32 hours of his departure but even then fresh blood was coming with both hands all 15 soldiers that he saved all are alive includin the 1 whom he was holding while he was shot. true example of a shaheed " By far he is the most handsome shaheed of all"

Congrats bro indeed u got ur destiny. We are proud of you! defenders of our country, Sons of our soil! Your tremendous valor will never be forgotten. I Salute you sir.


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