9/11 : It has been eight years

"I have been paying tribute to honor those thousands of people who died
in the WTC attack eight years ago.

It has been eight years

But the thought of lives lost is stll there

Grief, pain, and sorrow lingers

The tears are still shedding everywhere

That day was filled with darkness

It all came about in a very unexpected manner

The World Trade Center crumbled to the ground

The dreams of some, sadly were shattered

Others in Washington D.C. and in Shanksville, PA

Suffered a great deal as well

No one will ever forget what happened on that day

It really felt like the day of hell

Some people did not know if they could go on with life

Others did not feel that they would ever get better

This terrorist attack on American soil

Has changed the world forever

Ronell Warren Alman


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