Eid Celebrations in Full Swing

Eid ul-Fitr is a joyful celebration of the achievement of enhanced piety. It is a day of forgiveness, moral victory and peace, of congregation, fellowship, brotherhood and unity. Muslims are not only celebrating the end of fasting, but thanks to Allah for the help and strength throughout the previous month to help practice self-control. After 30 days of fasting people feel so happy and blessed to enjoy the Eid celebrations.

Pakistan, the celebration the night before Eid is called Chand Raat, or night of the moon. Women, especially young girls often paint each others' hands with traditional mehndi (henna) and wear colorful bangles. All the markets are enlighten beautifully the happiness of Eid specially for those who fast for ALLAH. Children and young people enjoy this day with more enthusiasm due to the tradition of "eidi" that is given by elders in shape of money or gifts., it is a beautiful tradition that increases love and livelihood among people. Here is some Eid Preparations photographs for your eyes too...

Chore colorful bangles Stall

Mehndi, beautify the woman for a special occasion

Ladies & kids Stalls

Anklets seller attracting customers

Gift and Decoration Items displayed for sale on Eid

Tailors busy in stiching people's eid dresses

Tailor Shop work load

Zakat & Charity Collection Stall

Eid Mubarak In Advance

Eid Pictures, Images and Photos


What a celebrations and what lovely fabrics - thanks for sharing!

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