Tribute to the Legend Ahmed Faraz

Ahmed Faraz ~~احمد فراز~~
January 14, 1931 - August 25, 2008)

I too was a poet once....

I too was a poet once O life of my words, but I cannot remember
Since I have forgotten you the love of my art too, I cannot remember

Yesterday during a coversation with my heart I learnt
that any forelock, lips, any mouth, I cannot rememeber

In the city of intellect insanity is quiet as if
the very spontainety the rabid fluidity of his speech, he cannot rememebr

Firstly I was not familiar with the mannerisms required for ruins
Now the ways and traditions of the residents of gardens, I cannot remember

Everyone asks for the shop selling arrows and quiver
but his own body, any customer cannot remember

Time has brought me to such a desert of forgetfulness
Now your name even, may I perish, I cannot remember

Is this not enough that in the state of being without country
the abandonment of my fellow countrymen I cannot remember

Ab Us K Shaher May Thahray K Koooch Ker Ja'ein,
Faraz Aaoo Sitaray Safer K Dekhtay Hain

The lovers of poetry knows how much he mean to them, He has given a new soul to the urdu poetry and he is always alive in the hearts of his fans.May the soul of the legend poet rest in peace. Amin

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Zindagi said…
very beautifully tributed to the legend , visit mine too .
Gabriele said…
The poem which starts with 'I was a poet once' is quite disturbing. Perhaps one should know more about
the legend you give tribute to.
Tanya said…
The poem is striking, thank you for this tribute, I didn't realise he passed last year.

I did a post last week on top ten opening lines of poetry- I think I missed out on one of the greats here.
Great poem-I know exactly what he's talking about. The frailty of memory and the power of forgetfulness. Just this morning I visited Zindagi's blog and read another of his poems. Thanks to both of you for exposing me to all these jewels of your culture.

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