Ghakkar Forts: Rawat and Pharwala

The Ghakkar's once ruled the area around Rawalpindi, the Potwar Plateau, and were local allies of the Mughals.The Ghakkar Qila or Fort at village Rawat (or Riwat) is on the GT Road a few miles east of Rawalpindi. What remains of the Fort now is the entrance gate and ruins of the surrounding walls as well as a mosque and a tomb.

Rawat: Tomb
Rawat: Main entrance

Pharwala: Begum Gate

Pharwala: Hathi (Elephant) Gate

Pharwala: Detail, Hathi Gate

Rawat: Mosque

The second Ghakkar fort is at village Pharwala, near Kahuta, and is only approachable by over an hours walk. What remains are three gates, parts of the enclosing wall, and, nearby, a mosque and tomb.

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