Celebrations All over PAKISTAN

This is the beauty of Pakistani tradition that every street is filled with Big and small flags of Pakistan; Young people and Kids are rushing towards the stalls decorated with colorful buntings, badges, flags, crescent star stickers, green and white balloons, beautiful decorated candles and lamps. The National songs are heard in every street and people are remembering the Independence Day with the same enthusiasm as 14th of August 1947. The senior citizens telling stories to the young once about how was the feeling when the Radio announced first time that "This is Radio Pakistan and This is the National radio Station of the newly born Country Islamic Republic of Pakistan", they are also telling the stories of their sacrifices for a free home land to their young once. The beauty of harmony I saw on the roads, homes and institutions gives me a feeling of happiness and strength of being a Pakistani. Lets celebrate our Love to our HOME LAND.



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