CornerShot is a special-purpose weapon that can fire around corners.

Pakistan revealed the POF Eye
developed by Pakistan Ordinance Factory in the 5th International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS-2008), Karachi Expo Centre.
Live demonstration of this gun was also shown to the delegates. It has semi-automatic pistol, grenade launcher, and submachine gun variants.

In the standard version a pistol is mounted in the front end of the weapon, which bends horizontally at a mid-gun sixty-degree hinge. There is a digital camera and a flashlight attached to the barrel in the bayonet position. On the butt side of the hinge are the trigger, camera screen (which is on a horizontal hinge just like the mid-gun hinge but it is off of the left side of the gun), and controls for the camera and light.

The Krummlauf was a bent barrel designed for the Sturmgewehr 44, which was used by the Germans in World War II. It allowed for looking and firing around corners with its 30 degree barrel and a periscope-style sight.



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