Beautiful Balochistan

Balochistan the largest province of Pakistan, has hottest places in the country like Sibi and Dhadar, where temperature shoots up to over 50°C during summer, as well as the coldest towns like Quetta, Kalat, Ziarat, Kan Mehtarzai where mercury falls down much below freezing point during winter. Balochi is a generalized term, for the people include the Dravidian-speaking Brahui possibly the last descendants of the Indus Civilization, and the Jat or Zutt, an Indo Aryan speaking people of Indian origin. Most people speak Brahui.

More then 80 km away from Khuzdar, there is a beautiful village called Moola.
It is tehsil of District Khuzdar. Its population is over 20,000 inhabitants. The area is known for its mountains, streams, springs and waterfalls, rice, date, fish etc. Sub Tehsil Moola consist of many small villages and towns Such as Goerowe, Nahr, Manjalove, Upper Hossoi, Lower Hossoi, Peer lakhah, Paetame, Hayrav, Kharzan, Hitachi, Jahan, Parewande, Khohive etc. Moola is famous due
to its history as well as its geographical location. it is the gateway between central Balochistan and west Balochistan, Sindh and Iran. Moola Pass is the shortest route between central Balochistan and Sindh.

Ancient sites of Thore khear, Hatachi, Hayrav, Kial Beig and Pasta Khan reveal that Moola was part of 2000-year-old civilization. The artifacts found from the area present evidence to the prosperity of local culture, architecture, art and civilization. Different types of utensils, toys, statues, ornaments made up of mud, stone and animal bones have been found from this area.

Moola River is the biggest river of Jalawan. It originates from mountains of Dist Khuzdar. It flows throughout the year. Its water is used for irrigation and drinking with the help of small dams. Majority of people here earn their living through agriculture and livestock. Main crops are rice and wheat besides vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, peas, ladyfingers, onions, sunflowers, pumpkins, Mustard, mangoes, dates, oranges, lemons and olive. Chotok is the one of biggest waterfall of Moola as well as Balochistan. It is located between two hills near Jahan village. The waterfall just looks like an umbrella. Its water is hot during winter and cold during summer.


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