Keep United & support Army to save PAKISTAN.

The administration of Pakistan has called army to abolish the sanctuaries of terrorists in the Swat Valley. Chances are extremely bright as this time not only the people of rest of the Pakistan, the people of Malakand also supports the operation.

Pakistan Army with full might. Army has sent fresh troops to the area while one division was already there. With the help of jet planes who got very helpful support of F-16s, ground forces are also moving on. from the suburbs of Mingora city, heaving and unstopped shelling is being carried out at the hideouts of the terrorists in the mountains. Terrorists have been pushed out from the mountains of Malam Jabba.

The war has just started and the targets to occupy for our forces are
Khwazakhela, Mingora, Charbagh, Matta, Amankot, Kanju, Shah Dherai, Mangoltan, Peuchar and some other areas nearing the Dir. The strategy on the part of army is also very much clear. They are hard at work to push the Taliban to the Peuchar valley from the Swat side, as army already has the other side of this valley covered. As Taliban are quarantined in this valley, it would be much easier and quick to eliminate them while keeping the collateral damage minimum.

The approach of the Pakistan Army is proactive. They are not avenging now, they are striking. They are not retaliating, they are
attacking. Army now is moving in to do the hardest part of this war and that is to clear out the Area from the Taliban.
Sifting out the Taliban from the local population in this populous city is a very hard task, as Taliban are occupying houses and using many residents as human shield. Once army takes hold of this city, the rest is all against Taliban as people have already left other areas by and large.

Another target of the security forces is to kill or capture the Taliban leaders. Security forces have already killed Ibn-e-Aqel, who
excavated the body of Pir Samiulla, the man who had led an armed resistance against the Taliban. Ibn-e-Aqel was the brother of Ibn-e-Amin, the top Taliban commander in Ber Swat area. The prize for which security forces are waiting is Fazlullah. There are some striking reports that even Baitullah Mehsud is also present in the mountains, but they are unconfirmed.

Can we defeat this menace? Yes. There is no doubt that Pakistan Army is the
most professional army in the World.
It's discipline and morale isn't second to anyone. Pakistan Army has defeated many terrorists in the past. We are proud of our forces, fighting on ground. Allah blesses them with a quick victory. Militants are desperate now and are trying to break the siege but are facing heavy casualties; this is going down in history as the single largest landing of Special Forces by the Pakistan Army to crush a foreign-backed insurgence.

At this time what is our responsibility, Our responsibility is to keep United & support our great Army to save all of Us & our Country.



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