Bottom line of APC is United we prevail.

An All Parties Conference (APC) was convened by the Government of Pakistan here Monday at the Prime Minister’s House to evolve a national consensus on the situation prevailing in Swat and Malakand Division, NWFP. The meeting after being briefed and having detailed discussion stated and resolved as under

1. Recalled, the consensus Resolution passed by a Joint Sitting of Parliament on 22nd October, 2008.

2. Reiterated, its support to the Resolution passed on 22nd October 2008 and the subsequent Recommendations made by the Parliamentary.

Committee on National Security, as required by the Resolution and impressed upon the need for a speedy implementation.

3. Reaffirmed, its commitment to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and sovereignty of the State of Pakistan

4. Emphasized, the need to establish and maintain the writ of the State and ensure the supremacy of the rule of law

5. Condemned, all violent challenges to the Constitution and the state of Pakistan.

6. Expressed, grief for the martyrdom of security personnel and innocent civilians

7. Maintaining, that the safety and security of civilians is paramount it should be ensured that minimum harm is caused to the non combatant civilian population;

8. Re emphasized, the need to ensure the safety, well being and rehabilitation in their respective areas of the Internally Displaced Persons;

9. Called upon, the Pakistani people to respond as one nation to mitigate the suffering of our brothers and sisters, the Internally Displaced Persons;

10. Emphasized; that Pakistan is a vibrant dynamic democracy;

11. Re affirmed, that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are under effective command and control authority;

12. Asserted, that the strategic decisions regarding military issues including troop deployment are the sole prerogative of the State of Pakistan.

13. Appreciated, the tremendous sacrifices given by the Pakistani people
Economically, politically and in terms of human life while fighting terrorism, more than any other country or people;

14. Condemned, the violation of Pakistan’s political, economic and territorial sovereignty including drone attacks;

15. Conveyed; that Pakistan is a sovereign State and any aid, economic or military which carries conditional ties will be counter productive.

16. Resolved, to make efforts.

i) To unite the nation in the face of insurgency in Swat and Malakand Division,
ii) To struggle collectively for the security and welfare of the Internally Displaced
iii) To unite the nation to combat terrorism, extremism and sectarianism.

Text source : Associated press of Pakistan (


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