Success Key! (Read, Think & Take Action)

#1: Stand up for yourself and your rights. Be bold. Assert yourself. If you don’t, you’ll end up being the world’s doormat. The tinier you are, the more happy-go-lucky and generous you act, the more people will justify their actions with the assertion that “you’ll be okay.” You count. Make that known, and no one will ever try to justify shafting you to save face with someone else.

#2: Life is very unfair. Anger helps. Quiet helps more. But sunshine and playing a passionate piece of music on the piano helps the most.

#3: Hard work and dedication, while admirable, won’t necessarily get you places. Luck and being at the right place at the right time will.

#4: There’s no way you’ll always get what you deserve. Even if you have support, pre-emptive decisions are very difficult to change. Do the best you can, but don’t expect anything from it. If you’re lucky, you’ll be surprised.

#5: Don’t pin your hopes on one object of desire. Don’t screw up the rest of your life to pursue one passion…it’ll probably come back to haunt you.

#6: No one understands unless they’ve gone through it. Don’t worry, everyone will, at some point.

#7: Keep wishing, hoping, dreaming. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking the world has the same goals as you.

#8: You will find beauty in unexpected places. You don’t need to be an artist to find that out. Don’t pray for a miracle - pray for the ability to see miracles in everything that exists.

#9: Everyone is human. Stop thinking of their titles, be it friend, sister, parent, or teacher - and you’ll be able to see them for who they are. Don’t trust them until you know they nothing to gain from you, and that you have their respect.

#10: Your hero is often your own self’s potential embodied in another human being.

#11: People who appear to have everything seldom do. Those who work and fail - we have a greater challenge. A greater epic.

#12: Cliche’s are truths people don’t like to acknowledge, because their depth and clarity express a world they believe does not exist. Needless to say, I love cliches. Why not make them a reality?

#13: Life goes on. The wheel turns. No one cares. Move with it. You’ll have more opportunities.

#14: Credit? What credit? It’s hard to come by. The more effort you put in to a behind the scenes job, the less likely it is you’ll get that elusive little reward.

#15: Other people care. Those in power sacrificed that ability for the sake of being professional. Status changes people. Harsh truth.

#16: It’s easier to be the bigger person when you’re the winner. The hardest job is to lose, get up, and fight back.

#17: Impossible is nothing. Nothing is the end. The end is nothing. Are you lost? Join the club. It’s called “the world.” We’ll search for our answers together, in discordant harmony.


PinkBow said…
very inspirational! thanks for stopping by
Anonymous said…
soothing words.Inspirational yet so practical! good one!
These, in teory, are all beautiful words and while reading it seems to have found the key for a better life. But when you try to follow in practise, than it is really hard.
For istance: my mother she is an oriental philosophy follower, you know for how long is she inside the oriental thought? Almost 40 years! But she failed in the most important low of oriental: leave the material, she is not able, so all these wonderful studies what's for? The only thing I can tell you is that a person, in my point of view, has to try to be always positive, first of all towards himself then towards the others. But again this depends on the development of events in everyday life! For istance: I've always been positive, out open and with faith but when in a period of life you find yourself in trouble, then it is really hard to be positive, when you have to invent how to feed your children and you don't know how, you left positiviy in a corner, especially when you see that people that love you don't do anything to give you an help. This has happenned to me ... I am tired very tired and in all this mess I've found a moment to stop and say, thank you dear life, tomorrow the sun will shine again, also today but I can't appreciate it, tomorrow I will. When I started again to have a very little hope than things come back in positive changes. So, getting back to my speech the only thing I can suggest is to be even a little bit positive, but positive! Thank for your post, positive energy is essential to human fellow!
Regards from Italy
PinkBow, Livelife100precent & Francesca Romana ALEGI, thanks for your precious feed back.keep visiting.Regards

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