Italy earthquake

At least 27 people were killed, dozens injured and thousands left homeless by a strong earthquake that hit a large swathe of central Italy on Monday, Italian news agency Ansa reported, citing local hospital officials.

The quake, which was also felt in Rome, had a magnitude of 5.8 and an epicenter some five kilometers (three miles) outside L’Aquila, a town of 60,000 residents in the Apennine Mountains, Italian public safety officials told AFP. "Thousands of people (could be left) homeless and thousands of buildings collapsed or damaged," Agostino Miozzo, an official at the Civil Protection Department.

It struck at 3:32 a.m. (0132 GMT) some 95 kilometers (60 miles) northeast of Rome,


pollicino said…
Thanks my friend Farrukh, for these news about my country, now the dead are 50 but will be more. There are whole countries destroyed and you dig the macerie. Hello greeting from Italy
Oh god, Im really feeling sad by heart. God bless you all.

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