Global Alert on Swine Influenza

There are 25 countries with suspected cases of swine flu, including 11 EU member states, the Public Health Regulation Division reported. A total of 1,911 cases under investigation have been reported, according to the latest official reports.

Germany is the third country in Europe to diagnose the disease after cases were found in Britain and Spain earlier this week.

Spain confirms first case in Europe. New Zealand announced three swine flu cases on Wednesday, taking the country's total of probable and confided infections to 14.

Officials said another 42 possible cases were being investigated and that 179 people were in isolation. There are 91 suspected cases in Australia.

So far the only deaths from swine flu have been recorded in Mexico, the epicenter of the outbreak, where 159 people are believed to have died from the virus.

There have also been 65 confirmed cases in the United States, one in Costa Rica, two in Spain, two in Britain, 13 in Canada and two in Israel.

Nations with suspected infections are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, France, Hong Kong , Indonesia, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand.

Many countries have banned port imports including Russia, Croatia and China.

The World Organization for Animal Health says the virus is a mix of avian, swine and human viruses and has not been isolated in animals yet.

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Pakistan Gear Up to Avert Swine Flu Threat.

Pakistan health and aviation authorities have taken "precautionary measures" to counter the global swine flu epidemic threat, officials said Tuesday. "We have taken precautionary measures at all our international airports to check passengers coming from swine flu affected countries, A spokesman for Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) told. Doctors from the CAA and the health ministry have been engaged to check incoming passengers and allow entry only to those with no flu symptoms. "Our teams have effectively started functioning from today and are checking every passenger as he or she lands at our international airports," Afzal Bughio, the CAA's chief medical officer, told. "We have a quarantine facility at Karachi airport while major hospitals in all the big cities are on high alert," Bughio said. Anyone suspected of showing swine flu symptoms would be quarantined, Bughio said. Around two million Pakistanis live in the Americas, Europe and other countries where swine flu epidemic has appeared, visit Pakistan in large numbers every week. Birjees Mazhar Kazi, executive director of Pakistan's National Institute of Health, said the preventive measures had been taken in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. "Countrywide preventive measures have been taken in response to the global alert by the WHO," he said. "We are constantly in touch with the WHO to get updates on swine flu.

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