Amazing Rock Art Pakistan

Persian warrior in uniform slaughtering a goat. First millennium B.C.

Buddha (= 0,5 m high) surrounded by pupils, approximately 800 A.D. The picture is part of the 'altar-rock' near the small town of Chilas. Manganese dust in the extremely hot aír of the valley covers the rocks over the centuries and colors them dark brown. This cover 'protects' the petroglyphs. The darker the rocks are, the older the drawings.

Rock with stupas (Buddhist symbol, which is similar in importance as the cross is to Christianity) and other pictures from 800 A.D and later, overlooking the Indus river.

Three stupas on the 'altar-rock' near Chilas ( 800 A.D.). Large stupa in the middle is approximately 1 m high.

Sun-wheels and battle-axes are symbols of an (unknown) cult that followed the Buddhist period in this region. Drawings of this type are the latest to be found around Chilas.

Rock-chamber close to the Indus river near Chilas. Stupas, human figure and men guiding horses. Exact dating unknown. Chamber height: approximately 3 meters.


super groovy said...

interesting pictures. where did you find these? did you take them yourself?

ARUNA said...

yeah really amazing art!!!!


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