Pakistan’s Pride

Pakistan SMS Usage Growth Highest in Asia Pacific
In addition to being 4th heaviest user country of SMS, Pakistanis have taken an unusual lead in telecommunication, the largest text messaging growth in Asia Pacific. With Pakistan's 763 million messages sent during the "festive seasons", the top five countries with the highest SMS traffic processed over the festive season were the Philippines, again leading the ranking with 2.36 billion messages, closely followed by Indonesia (1.193 billion), Malaysia (1.075 billion) and Pakistan (763 million). In terms of year-on-year growth, Pakistan SMS Text traffic volume grew by 253 percent compared to last year during the same period. Other markets that experienced high messaging growth include Philippines (65 percent), Australia (57 percent), Indonesia (27 percent) and Malaysia (13 percent).

Pakistani Boy Genius Sets A-Levels World Record
Ali Moeen Nawazish - Wiz-kid from Rawalpindi, wanted to get into Cambridge, so he sat in seven A-Levels exams in just one year - and secured 22 A-grades, one B grade and one C! The Urdu, English and Punjabi speaking boy-wonder is due to win another place - in the Guinness Book of Records. His Cambridge dream came true four months ago when he embarked on a computer science degree course at Trinity Hall. Ali also achieved a top score in the U.S.Rawalpindi there was barely enough space to list his qualifications. Ali finished all the exams within 12 months at Rawalpindi's Roots College International. His entry was organized through accredited boards Ed-Excel and Cambridge International Examinations. Apart from core science subjects he is almost entirely self taught. “I needed to prove to myself, and to others, that I could do it.' At O-level - still an internationally recognized qualification” - he got nine A grades. admissions test and was accepted by most Ivy League institutions, including Harvard and Yale. Sitting seven A-levels might easily have done the trick, even though he had started to study some of the subjects only three days before the exam. But he was determined to get some good grades. So he sat another three and three more. Then another nine! Just in case, he took a couple of AS levels along the way.

Karachi Designer Kurta is the World’s Largest
A humongous kurta from fashion designer Deepak Perwani in Karachi has been given the certificate of being the world's largest by Guinness Book of World Records. The kurta, large enough to be worn by a 175-foot tall person, was unveiled at a public ceremony. The kurta was measured last month by professional experts of SGS Pakistan, a local certification firm. The Guinness Book of World Records later certified the entry based on a rigorous documentation process. The kurta weighs 800 kg, is 101 feet tall and 59 feet 3 inches wide. Each sleeve is almost 57 feet long. It took a team of 50 hardworking professional tailors a period of 30 days to make the Kurta. The huge kurta is made of 800 yards of cotton blend fabric. According to Perwani, "the kurta is an intrinsic symbol of Pakistani attire, and (this garment) has successfully put it on the global map. A kurta represents the essence of what we are and defines our individuality in today's world." The world's largest designer kurta will later be used to create smaller kurtas that will be donated to children's homes run by the Edhi Foundation, a reputed NGO.


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