Pakistan a country with great history & colorful culture, is spread along either side of the River Indus, making its way from the mountain valleys of the Himalayas and moving down to the Arabian Sea. Geographically, the 796,095 area of Pakistan can be divided into four regions. On the north are the mountains which include the second highest mountain in the world known as K2. In the east are fertile lands along the Rivers, barren deserts in the south-west with stony plateaus in the west and then finally there is Arabian Sea in the south.

Pakistan has an extensive historical and cultural background, being a part of India before separation, it has acquired elements from the Buddhist culture. It was once a home of the Indus Valley civilization, in 3,000 BC, and the Aryans, in 1,700 BC. After which came the Mogul dynasty and later the British rule. Due to this, ancient Hindu temples, Buddhist monuments, archeological sites, Mogul palaces, Mogul gardens, Islamic art, Islamic architecture and Anglo-Mogul mansions are some prominent features in Pakistan.

The climate of Pakistan varies due to its regions. When it's pleasant in the northern areas; temperature in the southern areas is extremely hot. Similarly, from December through February, known as the coolest months, temperature in the northern areas falls below freezing point whereas in the south it remains 10-25 degrees. Monsoon arrives during summer which relieves people from the summer's heat.

Pakistan comprises of four provinces namely: Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan and N.W.F.P. (North West Frontier Province). Each province has its own unique way of life & Culture. Urdu is the National language, but Punjabi, Baluchi, Sindhi and Pashtu are the regional Languages.

The people of Pakistan are known for their hospitable nature. Life in the cities is fast and advanced as compared to the life in a village. Islamabad is the capital, whereas Karachi is the cosmopolitan city in Pakistan and Lahore a museum of an enriching culture and lifestyle.

Pakistanis love Spicy foods, therefore restaurants and cafes are found in abundance. No ceremony or gathering is complete without a heavy meal and desserts in the end.

Like the culture a Pakistani wedding is also full of color and pleasure. It is a display of beautiful clothes, expensive embroidery, heavy jewellery, songs & not to forget the henna (Mendhi) filled hands of the girls and bride.

Besides the Islamic art and architecture, one of the most prominent and unique feature of art is found on roads in Pakistan. The vibrant and colorful busses and trucks, loaded with artistic drawings and poetry, are a pleasure to see on the way.
Folk music of Pakistan is very famous, besides that people like listening to ghazals, qawalli (devotional) and classical. However, the younger generation has its pop and rock flavors to choose from.


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