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Moin Akhtar, you'll always be in our hearts and memories

The legend Moin Akhtar, who was famous for his versatile acting,  died on April 22, 2011 from a heart attack at the age of 61.
An average Moin Akhtar fan cannot easily explain the wellsprings of his art. It seems that it comes from within. Pride of Performance Moin Akhtar was a role model for anyone who aspires to become an entertainer. He was great in each and every work he done, A great artist, comedian, impersonator, host, Pakistani movie, drama, TV and theater actor , writer, singer, director and producer. He was an institution in one personality, a God gifted talented man with every thing which we can find in different individuals of his field. His eyes always smiled with the joy of today, the promise of tomorrow, Once He said: 'I have confidence in my own abilities.' He was the most entertaining and decent person on television i have ever seen. Before his television debut he had been working for karachi radio and later on stage, television and the silver screen. His famou…

73rd death Anniversary of Allama M. Iqbal, (Poet of the East)

Today we are all witnessing the 73rd death Anniversary of Our great poet and the first man to dream Pakistan Doctor Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The message of Iqbal is a way of prosperity for any nation but unfortunately the path we followed after the establishment of Pakistan is against the theory of Iqbal. The last 9 years of dictatorship is the proof of our non Iqbal thinking. In such situation how we can justify with the thought of "Khudi" into our nation's common practice? The problems and situation of so called civilization in the 21st century is opening the doors towards the enlightened message of the great Thinker who always wanted the youth not to draw a line between religion and civilization, He always taught us that our youth has the power and strength  to bright the whole nation's future, They have the power of their beautiful religion which has opened the larger than life path for success and prosperity for them. He always insisted that the youth is the backb…